“Successful blogging is the turbo-charged introduction to blogging – with all the insider know-how and tricks I have learned from eight years of blogging.”

Why should I be blogging?

I am passionate about blogging. And when I started blogging in 2008 I quickly realized that a blog is the best medium for reaching people.

Blogging is relevant for anyone who:

  • works freelance or is self-employed and needs to be easily found online
  • supports the marketing of their partner’s business
  • coordinates the social media outlets, internet communication and target group loyalty of a business
  • is involved in advertising or corporate communications and writes texts for websites, press releases and company documents.

All these people need to attract readers – and to write in such a way that their texts and themes will be found online.


“Many of us had difficulty finding themes for blog posts and texts. But it is at exactly this point that Svenja takes her course participants by the arm and shows each of them the possibilities, starting points and ideas for writing and presenting their own themes in an interesting, and above all, personalised, way.”

Maxie, www.blog-genuss.dewww.maxiemales.dewww.nordland-lachs.de

Will blogging bring me work?

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To this point in time, my blog www.meinesvenja.de has attracted well over 150,000 readers. And the writing of more than 1,100 texts has allowed me to share my expertise, to win people’s confidence, and to use the platform as a “digital portfolio” This has enabled me to

  • rank #1 of over 1,000 blogs listed by Brigitte Mom
  • appear on RTL’s Punkt 12 television show with examples of my own work
  • to appear on radio hr3 as a “handicraft expert”
  • publish a cookery book for Vorwerk’s “Thermomix”
  • publish a book of ideas and games for children with Gräfe und Unzer
  • write a weekly column for the magazine Lisa
  • publish articles in a variety of media [e.g. Nido, Huffington Post]
  • have my work discussed in a variety of publications (e.g. Für Sie, Nido)

„Your seminar was by far the best value for money ever!  I feel more empowered to create web-optimised texts than ever before, although I have been doing this kind of work for a long time. But no-one has ever hit the nail on the head as you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Nicole, www.selbstbau.com

Will blogging help me attract more customers?

As a result of these successes, companies have contacted me to:

  • develop a blog
  • find out what makes my target group tick (and what they look for online)
  • communicate authentically with target groups
  • find and position seasonal themes that will bring significant and tangible benefits

Even if corporations know their topics, the employees barely have time to take a closer look at what is happening online and tackle important questions like how to find customers, how to build up trust and how to increase brand loyality. Often customer relations also fall short: How do I communicate with a customer? Which phrasings and behaviour are appropriate? And how can I positively impact my customers life?


“The seminar was truly mind-blowing and gave us all a really creative push”

Kathrin Pruisken, Unternehmenskommunikation & PR, Ernsting’s family GmbH & Co. KG

What will I learn in the seminar?


  1. I will teach you how to blog (authentic writing for your target audience and finding content)
  2. I will show you how to find themes that will interest your target audience and work with you to produce an editorial calendar
  3. I will show you how to get your blog onto page 1 of a Google search and gain new readers (and keep them)
  4. I will induct you into all of the mysteries which I have researched in the last eight years of blogging [technology, photography, photo editing, graphics production, search engine optimisation, keywords, analytics, Facebook, Pinterest]
  5. I will reveal how I earn money from my blog, how I use it as a digital portfolio and for peer group validation

If you would like to find out more about what I can offer, or to discover if Successful Blogging is the right thing for you or your business, I would be pleased to receive an e-mail and to offer any help I can.

Get in touch

“It was great that you shared so much of your hard-earned specialist knowledge with us! It is exactly that which creates trust and success”

Angelika, www.angelika-dreier.com

Why I am the right person for you

Everything I teach has been tried and tested by me – and it has been successful. My motto is: “If I can do it, so can you

Svenja Walter, born 1971.

From 2008 to the present day

Blogger at meinesvenja (over 1,100 blogs, all optimised for search engines,  and more than 150,000 readers), author, (Gräfe & Unzer), columnist.