Our most popular course for business people and professionals in the field of communications. In the Storytelling Masterclass you will learn how to use storytelling to optimise your everyday work.

Why storytelling?

If I am interested in storytelling it is usually for two reasons

  1. I want to improve what I already do so as to establish a stronger resonance with clients
  2. I want to be proud of my work (again).

How can I improve what I already do?

Quite simply: people relate better to stories. If I couch my material in the form of a story my customers, viewers and readers will remember it and something will change. Because I really connect with my target group, storytelling is ideally suited to all situations where sensitivity is needed.

“Uwe Walters’ workshop is a kind of fountain of youth for every communicator: he shows you, in a very entertaining way, the essence of a good story and inspires you to once again anchor the timeless qualities of successful storytelling in your work. I returned home from the course feeling elated and a little more enlightened. Nothing is more powerful than a good story. Uwe Walter shows you how to tell one”

Dr. Andreas Schüler, Group Communications, Allianz SE

What are the benefits of using storytelling?


  • I want to catch people’s attention – and in this way reach a wider audience
  • My target group should be watching me, listening or reading what I have written.
  • I would like to put a message across which my clients can really understand.
  • I would like to build people’s trust in me and in my business.
  • I would like people to be enthused by about my products and to buy them
  • I would like to move/motivate people to try something new

I can achieve all of these aims through a professional use of storytelling.

What will I learn in the Storytelling Masterclass?

In the Storytelling Masterclass I learn, using examples from film and text, exactly how storytelling works: what tools are available to me and how I can make best use of them.  Best of all: I don’t just learn to recognise the benchmarks – I also practise telling stories myself. And with my own examples.

With this in mind, and before the Masterclass begins, I send course leaders, in advance, the examples that I would like to discuss, the text that I am particularly proud of or the one that is making me tear my hair out. Or one that I read somewhere and which I really liked, and now want to know how it relates to storytelling. My television piece which got good ratings (or one that I am not happy with).

Regardless of whether I have raw film footage on the table or am working on a new marketing text, in the Masterclass I turn it into good storytelling. Perhaps I also have some general questions which a better story would give me answers to: How do I increase my turnover? How do I attract more customers? How do I make what I offer really come alive? Here, too, I develop new approaches and ideas through storytelling during the seminar.


How can I be proud of my work (again)?


Sometimes, after years of routine, one just runs out of steam. Or I have reached a point in my life where I want – or have – to make a decision.   Perhaps I just need a new perspective on things, fresh input, new tools? Learning story telling is also about gaining a new understanding of my work.

If I spend two days working intensively with stories it is quite possible that I will start thinking about my own story. Are my private and professional lives balanced, in harmony with each other? Am I living out my talents? Am I communicating what I wish to communicate?

The hero’s journey tells us: You must have a mentor. Someone who shows you the way. Uwe Walter is just such a mentor. He understands and lives story telling. After two days of working with him you are sitting there and thinking: The door is open and you are well-armed; your rucksack is packed, full of dramatic elixir. Now you just have to set out. Well then, off to the next story!

Thank you for opening the gate!

Sven Preger, Author and Coach

Some of our past customers for the Storytelling Masterclass

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