“There is only one effective combination if you are going to be read nowadays: you must be able to write well, offer real benefits, and be found on Google.”

Are your texts good?

The internet is full of content – and there are precisely four reasons why people will read YOUR texts.

  • Your texts offer significant benefits
  • Your texts speak the language of your target group
  • Your texts are linguistically and grammatically impeccable
  • Your texts are optimised for search engines

You cannot afford to ignore even ONE of these points. For if you do, your readers will be lost very quickly – or, in the worst case, never find you in the first place.

Through quality writing and search engine optimisation I offer you the chance to write future texts by yourself, to edit them and make them worth reading. Out with dependence on someone else’s texts; in with your own know-how!

“I have read and read and laughed and am moved and enthused. Thank you for sharing all this with me, with us, fantastic!”

Reader, www.meinesvenja.de

What are the benefits to you?

SEO_optimiert_schreiben (1 von 1)

  • I look at your texts and highlight problems and errors which occur repeatedly
  • I create a checklist which will allow you to resolve these issues by the editing stage at the latest
  • Together we analyse your target group and between us identify the language this group speaks
  • I show you how to make your content relevant. We might also look at the bigger picture here and discuss continuity and seasonal planning (Linking to Seasonal Storytelling)
  • I will reveal how to optimise your texts for search engines so you are on the first page of a Google search

“Boy oh boy, your writing style feels so good! It’s relaxing. And that’s what we mothers need so we can enjoy our wonderful work right from the start”

Reader, www.meinesvenja.de

Why I am the right person for you

Svenja Walter, born 1971.


graduated in German and English

2001 – 2003

independent PR consultant and advertising copywriter

2003 to the present day

Consultant and author with Waltermedia

From 2008 to the present day

Blogger at meinesvenja (over 1,000 blogs, all optimised for search engines, and more than 100,000 readers), author, (Gräfe & Unzer), columnist.