Increasing market penetration is a process.  We support media companies throughout this process both on- and off-air to significantly increase ratings and average length of stay (ALOS)

Digital transformation

The classic media are moving increasingly into the internet and mobile devices. As a result the central question has become: How do I bring a classic media company into the digital world?

Many editing teams and companies operate 24 hours a day, during which their customers have to be reached with increasing intensity. In the Market Penetration Seminar we take the existing strengths of an editing team and, by means of an internal project, we bring these to fruition.

Uwe Walter shared his expertise with ORF’s Magazine Department for one year. The new format of ORF’s evening magazine programme and a model for the main editorial office were developed in tandem with him. His passion for making television and Storytelling were so infectious that the boundaries of our public law “Ministry for Television“ as well as our own in-house boundaries, were repeatedly overridden by: “Yes, we can!“.

Main editorial office, ORF Magazine

How do we procede?


In my more than 20 years as a coach in the field of market penetration and increasing ratings I have developed the following system:

  • I try to really understand the company (the product, the newspaper, the broadcaster). Who is providing what and for whom?
  • I carry out interviews with clients who wish to connect with the company – and with employees and senior management
  • I form a clear picture of the level of awareness within the company. What is the company already doing? What is its potential?
  • I identify where there is a need for further development. At what point are the needs of the customer not being met? What is most important to the customer? What would employees like to do but as yet cannot?
  • I identify the potential for growth and assist in fully developing it. We work together to actively counter falling quotas and ALOS and then reverse that trend

What our customers say

“Radio is a high-speed medium of communication – but the speed that Uwe Walter tidied up our operation was impressive even for us radio people. He throws out questions – he doesn’t hand out ready-made answers. Uwe Walter is unconventional, merciless and drives you forward. As a team we wanted to take a tough line with ourselves and this was the path he took us down. The result was a 25% increase in listeners within a few months“

Valerie Weber, Programme Director and CEO, Antenne Bayern

“Hier ab vier is once again the clear market leader among ARD’s afternoon broadcasts on the Dritten Programmen. This is the result of an intensive six-month relaunch process which Uwe Walter oversaw and sustained with all his knowledge and, above all, his ability to motivate. With the proverbial kiss he woke the sleeping giant that was “Editing”. Without Uwe Walter this massive, long term restructuring of our afternoon magazine programme would not have succeeded.”

Stefan Mugrauer, Head of Editing, hier ab vier

My area of expertise

Storytelling Keynote

Uwe Walter, born 1965

1994 graduated in film and televison production from the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen, Munich.

Since 1994 teacher of Storytelling and dramatic composition for editing teams, broadcasters, authors and production companies.

Media coach and careers advisor to over 100 presenters and VIPs.

Germany’s leading coach for increasing market penetration and improving ratings.

Storytelling consultant to industry, business and marketing.