“Our work seeks to open doors for people, to inspire and motivate them to go down new paths”

About us

Svenja and Uwe Walter work together to create content for people which will inspire them – and give them the feeling of being understood.  We achieve this in two main ways: firstly, by supporting editorial teams and businesses in finding themes for their readers, viewers and clients; and secondly, by inspiring people to try out new things and to live and work with others as constructively as possible.

Uwe Walter comes from a classic production background (He studied at the University of Television and Film Munich) and then he set out to learn how to tell the perfect story. On this journey he regularly encountered people whom he was able to help on their own journey. As a Storytelling coach for editorial teams and businesses; to increase their market coverage; and as a dramatic consultant, media coach and keynote speaker.

Svenja Walter only ever wanted to write. After completing her degree in German she became a freelance writer – because this was the only way to ensure that she could write, and write about what she wanted.

Initially she wrote primarily press and advertising texts; then blogs, books, articles and columns. Today she is happiest writing in order to move people with words – because it is only when language has triggered an emotional response that people dare to look at their lives afresh. And to let go of whatever is no longer useful so that there is space for the new.